Saving accounts that actually help you save money.

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100 percent insured

We’ve got you covered with 100% deposit insurance.

Fidelity Bank Direct is FDIC and DIF insured which means your money is safe here. Most “banks” offer FDIC insurance which insures your money up to $250,000. With the Depositor’s Insurance Fund, there is no cap on your safety at Fidelity Bank Direct. And, all of your money is 100% insured the minute it hits your account.

Things look a bit different when your bank is working for you.

When your bank is committed to you, it treats every savings goal like its biggest account. That means good rates for everyone that really help you grow your money, and no barriers to accessing it when you need to.

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Fidelity Bank Direct doesn’t put a limit on your insured deposits. Every dollar is insured, all the time. That’s real security.

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It’s your money, why do other banks make it so hard to use it? Use our mobile app or any ATM to access your money.

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Liquid savings are a crucial part of a smart financial plan. Now you’ve got the tools you need to make smart moves.

Average Savings

  • Offer rates that don’t really add much
  • Compound your interest to save them money
  • Make it a hassle to access your money
  • Rewards your ten-thousandth dollar more
  • Put limits on how much they’ll insure

Fidelity Bank Direct
Savings Accounts

  • Offers great rates that add up
  • Compounds your interest to favor you
  • Makes it easy to access
  • Rewards your first dollar more
  • Has no limits on insured deposits

Here’s how it works with
Fidelity Bank Direct

Determine Your Goals

Saving for a new roof, or just a rainy day? Perhaps a rainy day in Spain? Do you have another goal in mind?

Easily Set Up Deposits

You can set up automatic deposits for any amount to make meeting your savings goals effortless. Watch your money grow from a combination of regular contributions and our great rates.

The Right Tools to Manage Your Money

Our online tools allow you to access your account to see your money at work for you. Log on or visit an ATM any time to move money around. We don’t place extra restrictions on you.

You can open an account in just a few minutes. Here’s what you’ll need:


If you’re new to Fidelity Bank Direct, welcome! We’ll ask for a photo of your driver’s license or other government issued ID.

Your First Deposit

We’ll give you a variety of options to make your first deposit right from your online application. You only need $25 to get started, and you’ll only have to mail something if you want to.

About 4 Minutes

You can open your account entirely online in under 5 minutes. Just answer a few questions and upload a few documents to make things official.

Here are the details:









Effective 04/02/2021

* Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective as of date shown. Promotional offer subject to change or cancellation at any time. Limit one account per tax reported owner. Personal accounts only. Offer is limited only to new clients and funds that are new to Fidelity Bank. No transfers from existing Fidelity Bank accounts. The APY shown is for balances up to $500,000.00. For balances of $500,000.01 and over, the interest rate is 0.00% and the APY is 0.50%-0.00%. Rate is blended. Fees may reduce earnings. Transfers from a savings account to another account or to third parties by preauthorized, automatic, telephone, or computer transfer are limited to six per monthly statement cycle with no transfers by check, draft, debit card, or similar order to third parties. The minimum balance to earn interest is $0.01. Account must be opened online via to receive the promotional offer.

It Adds Up Faster Than You Might Think

A common goal is having a month’s take-home pay in savings. With a high-yield savings account from Fidelity Bank Direct, an initial deposit of $500 and contributions of just $100 a month, that goal is within reach.

Initial deposit: $500
Monthly contribution: $100

Year 1 – $1,705.25
Year 2 – $2,916.52
Year 3 – $4,133.85
Year 4 – $5,357.27
Year 5 – $6,586.80

Let’s set off to meet your saving goals together.

We think you’ll like having a bank that works for you.

Banks have the advantage of insuring a limited amount of deposits through the FDIC. We go the extra mile by insuring 100% of our deposits through the Depositors Insurance Fund.

Our Fidelity Bank Direct Savings accounts earn way more than the national average. The average savings account earns an interest rate of less than 0.10%.

Watching your money grow is the fun part. It’s easy to monitor your account through our mobile app – 4.8 stars and counting! You can also connect and view your account through most of your favorite PFM tools like Mint™. Withdrawals can be made (up to six per month) using your Fidelity Bank ATM card or by connecting your account to your primary bank account.

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