A mortgage shouldn’t have to be a complicated thing.

The bank that works for you is here to help.

loans up to $1,500,000





Getting approved is easy.

We know a big part of making banking easier for you is delivering you fast AND accurate answers. Our systems are built to make the application process simple and we won’t make you wait around for days wondering if you are approved or not.

You shouldn’t have to become an overnight mortgage expert.

That’s what it often feels like when you’re buying or refinancing a home. When you’re with the bank that works for you, you get practical help that really saves you time and money.

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When your bank works for you, things speed up. We’ll help you see what’s next every step of the way.

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With a variety of loan options all at great rates, we’ll help you find the right fit for your goals, not ours.

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We’re real people, on your side. We know that the home buying process doesn’t need any added stress.

Most Lenders

  • Constantly need more documents
  • Assume your only goal is a low payment
  • Treat you like a lead that they need to win
  • Will give you stock answers
  • Want your money

Fidelity Bank Direct

  • Tells you up front what to bring
  • Listens first, then advises
  • Treats you like a person
  • Gives you free loan estimate reviews
  • Wants to earn your business

No matter the goal, we’ve got the right options for you…

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Purchase a New Home

We’ll ask the right questions and help you understand your options to get you the best rate and terms for your goals.

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Refinance Your Current Home

Let’s see if working together on a refinance could lower your rates, save you some money, or better prepare you for the future.

Here’s how it works with
Fidelity Bank Direct

In today’s markets, speed matters. Here’s what you can do to start fast:

Get Started

Easily apply online for your home mortgage. If you need assistance, contact us by Chat or phone during business hours or through our contact form. We start by understanding what you want to accomplish and help you create the plan to get there.

Get Honest Answers

Our team of experts will give you a free loan estimate comparison, so you can see how each offer can help you meet your goals, and what they’ll cost when it’s time to sign on the dotted line.

Put Us to Work

Once we know what you want to accomplish, we help you find the right path to get there. With fewer complications and less to worry about, you’ll feel the difference.

Get Pre-Approved

The time it takes to get your mortgage approved could be the difference between moving in or moving on. With a pre-approval, you can make confident offers with speed.

Start With the Right List

You don’t need a lot, but know ahead of time what we’ll ask for to verify your income and some other things can save a ton of time.

Stabilize Your Credit

Home purchases are a big deal, but some of the things that you may be thinking of doing – like closing a credit card – can slow things down. We’ll help you know how to lock things down (for now.)

Details and Rates


30 Year Fixed







Effective 04/14/2021

Fixed Loans
*Interest Rates and APR are subject to change without notice. Interest rates posted are considered benchmark rates, additional points or higher rates may be applicable. Ask your Home Loan Specialist for details as they apply to you. APR is annual percentage rate and is accurate as of the effective date. LTV – The loan-to-value ratio is the amount of a first mortgage lien as a percentage of the total appraised value of the real property. Loans exceeding 80% loan-to-value require Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). Rate assumes 40% down payment. Payment amounts on the above product does not include taxes and insurance. Your final payment may be greater. Subject to credit approval.

Details Matter, We’re Here to Work for You

Rates are important, and monthly payment amounts are too, but they’re not the whole story. Talk to a Fidelity Bank Direct mortgage expert today about your goals and see the difference it makes when you’re with a bank that works for you.

Ready to move? We’re ready to move.

We can’t wait to earn your business. Ready to let us?

Our initial application for a loan takes just a few minutes of your time. You’ll need basic information about yourself (name, address, SSN, birthdate) and the property you’re hoping to buy or refinance. We’ll need things like pay stubs, bank statements, and tax returns. If we can’t automate the collection of that we do have a digital portal to make uploading easy.

We are able to serve clients in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

We do ask for your permission to pull your credit report to ensure that you get an accurate loan estimate and approval. This may have a small negative effect on your credit score but it is an expected part of seeking and receiving credit.

Of course! We’re real people who are happy to talk you through any part of the process – especially the beginning.

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Get the clarity you need to move forward with confidence.

You can apply online. We’ll help you the whole way.